Aitken College

This artist in residence project took place in 2016 at Aitken College in Greenvale. Over a period of several weeks I worked with students across a range of year levels from grade 3 to Year 12. Each student worked to the brief of combining winged creatures with either human or animal, individually creating a found image and drawn collage. These individual collages were then imported into photoshop to create larger collaborative images. These images were then archivally printed onto canvas and aluminium panel.

Albury Regional Art Gallery: House

Beyond the Frame: once upon another time

Beyond the Frame: once upon another time

The 2008 exhibition Once upon a time explored the world of fairytales and nightmares both real and imagined. I worked as a mentor in a workshop, both at the Albury Regional Art Gallery and at the schools with students from Albury West Public School and Albury High School to explore their world of nightmares and fairytales.

The students created artworks that reflected upon another time and place, where creatures lay in waiting under our beds, fairytales came alive and gazed back at us from the mirror and tormented us in our dreams. 

Beyond the Frame was a project initiated by the Creative Arts Curriculum Unit, NSW Department of Education and Training that develops links between local school, artists and their local regional Art Gallery.

Thanks to the work and participation of Diana Alexander, Regional Arts Coordinator for Riverina, DET, NSW; Christina Klein from Albury West Public school and Bronwyn Gonczar from Albury High School.