Memory & Loss: Proust Project

Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Application:

My personal arts practice is preoccupied with narratives of memory, loss, home and refuge. Time and again revisiting the theme of refuge in the games we play, reflecting concerns about local and global events.

Since 2003, I have continued a daily drawing project reflecting on and/or recording an element of each of the 365 days of each year. The drawings are recorded in a variety of analogue and digital mediums and then transcribed into further bodies of work such as bound artists’ books, ciglee prints, games and installations.

The themes of the drawings have varied. In some years, daily events both local and global have informed the drawings; in other years, proverbs have been the starting point for the drawings; or observational drawings of found objects, or illustrating text. The current theme started in 2014, is illustrating a page a day of Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past/ In Search of Lost Time. While each of these drawings respond to a section of text on each page, the drawings are about memory and the passage of time, creating a body of work exploring ideas that intertwine the present and past.  

As the book, according to critics is in part a diary of the author’s very being;  my visual translation is also in part a personal diary and a response to the outside world. The words search and remembrance of the titles become confused with the daily global news, in particular that of the current issue of refugee plights:  in search of a new home, while always remembering their last. Just as the book is not a straight narrative, my drawings to date are not read as a continuing narrative, but a daily response to Proust’s words. 

The book requires a meditative approach and a slowness of time. Read at the pace of a page a day the continuity of the narrative becomes lost and one searches for a phrase, a sentence that speaks visually…sometimes the image is cruel and heartless, at other times the image is full of love and mercy and helps one to reflect more meaningfully on life.